Enhancing Energy Management & Cost Savings with Aetos Imaging

Aetos Imaging is spearheading a revolution.

This might sound a little dramatic, yet the capabilities we are enabling the built environment are having real, tangible impact.  

Our partners are leveraging advanced, more connected technologies to provide comprehensive solutions that transform how their facilities are managed. Imagine if your digital twin could show live performance and historical data, letting you see whether or not your assets are operating at acceptable levels.

With a Visual Maintenance Management System (VMMS), Aetos is offering unprecedented visibility and control over energy use and costs.

Optimizing efficiency, cutting costs, and ensuring sustainability with visualized (literally), never-before-seen clarity. 

With this type of transformative capability, “Spearheading a revolution” actually might be closer than we originally thought…

Seeing Is Achieving

Traditional energy management methods often rely on spreadsheets and physical documents, which can be cumbersome, prone to errors, and slow in actionable data.

In fact, some organizations use last month’s energy bill to plan for next month’s operations.

Aetos Imaging's VMMS changes the game by integrating a 3D virtual model of your facility with a robust wireless sensor database. This visual context simplifies understanding and managing your energy assets, providing detailed insights into their status and performance.

But what does that even look like?

Imagine being able to click on any piece of equipment within a 3D model of your facility and instantly access its specifications, maintenance history, and real-time performance data

Imagine being able to quickly troubleshoot and accurately service assets with visual context across your team, without needing an interruptive site visit or late-night road trips to the facility. 

Imagine being able to onboard your technicians twice as fast, enabling smoother operations, less hand-holding time, and a better equipped, more knowledgeable workforce.

Aetos is built around solving unknown asset performance levels, the 2am car ride, the 12-month onboarding slog, and other facility-wide operations. 

At a granular level, Aetos offers an exciting change to how facilities are managed. We enable teams to capture and deliver much more accurate energy audits, timely maintenance, and efficient resource allocation.

This all ultimately leads to significant cost savings and better energy efficiency. 

A VMMS is designed to grant visual management capabilities where digital twins and CMMS platforms have failed in the past. Aetos is designed to empower technicians and upper management with (revolutionary) energy management and cost savings.

Keep reading to unpack a few more detailed examples of how Aetos is granting organizations streamlined operations with our visual solution.

Preventative & Predictive Maintenance

With Aetos Imaging's VMMS, facility managers can schedule regular maintenance based on actual equipment conditions rather than arbitrary timelines. 

Energy Management + Cost Savings:

This predictive approach reduces downtime and extends the lifespan of equipment, ensuring that energy systems run at peak efficiency. In an industrial setting, IoT sensors can detect when machinery is operating below optimal efficiency or when it is at risk of failure. 

Predictive maintenance ensures that critical tasks are performed proactively, preventing energy waste associated with malfunctioning equipment as well as reducing downtime - and wait time! - so that assets are producing at targeted levels. 

And by monitoring other operating systems in real-time, potential issues can be identified and addressed before they escalate, preventing costly repairs and minimizing energy wastage.

Comprehensive IoT Integration

Closely tied to preventative and predictive maintenance, our platform integrates seamlessly with IoT devices. In doing so, we are providing real-time monitoring and analytics of energy consumption across your facility. 

Energy Management + Cost Savings:

This integration enables more precise control over energy use, identifying areas where efficiency can be improved. Your facility is already producing actionable data - we just help you capture it and leverage it for better, more-informed decisions.

Facilities can leverage IoT data to adjust variables as “trivial” as lighting, heating, and cooling systems, or as complicated as auxiliary boilers and industrial generators. Accessing live and historical data provides management teams insight into their operations, leading to improved processes and better energy management. 

Remote Collaboration & Management

The ability to manage and monitor facilities remotely has never been more critical.

One of our most powerful features - Connect - is granting organizations a new way to manage their facilities, allowing remote supervision, reducing the need for on-site visits and the associated travel costs. 

Energy Management + Cost Savings:

This feature is especially valuable for organizations managing multiple facilities across different locations. We link all stakeholders together in a virtual setting, providing an immersive experience for faster resolution and better support.

This support leads to reduced downtime, accessible SOPs with visual context, and even promotes a better working experience. Remote access also facilitates quicker decision-making and problem-solving, ensuring that energy management strategies are implemented swiftly and effectively while saving on costs.

Energy & Sustainability Audits

Conducting thorough energy audits is simplified with Aetos.. Facility managers can perform virtual walkthroughs, pinpointing inefficiencies and identifying opportunities for energy savings. (And these walkthroughs are even more powerful with the aforementioned IoT integrations.)

Energy Management + Cost Savings:

By visualizing energy consumption data within the context of the facility’s 3D model, managers can make more informed decisions about upgrades and retrofits that will yield the highest returns in terms of energy savings.

Teams can further understand areas of excessive energy use as well as  leverage predictive analytics to forecast future consumption patterns. 

Moreover, the platform’s detailed reporting capabilities ensure that all stakeholders are kept in the loop. Visual context adds another layer to understanding and collaboration capabilities. 

Embracing Aetos for energy management transforms the way facilities approach sustainability, providing a comprehensive, data-driven solution that supports both economic and environmental objectives. Facilities can now realistically tackle broader environmental goals, such as reducing carbon footprints and achieving energy certification standards like LEED.

Enhanced Training & Knowledge Retention

Immersive models can be used for powerful site-specific training. With visual context applied to a training course, new employees and existing staff can become well-versed (and get on the same page!) in energy management best practices. 

Energy Management + Cost Savings:

This one is pretty clear to see the benefits of better training and knowledge retention.

Your workforce can retain valuable institutional knowledge with visual context - which is particularly beneficial for visual learners! The immersive experience promotes best practices across the organization, and also allows teams and individuals to be performing tasks & SOPs at a more accurate level.

Furthermore, our partners who have utilized site-specific training are seeing significant improvements to their onboarding times, with some organizations reporting personnel are ready 50% quicker (and one industrial manufacturer experienced even faster results: “You took my training times from 6 months down to 8 weeks.”)

Immersive Training + Faster Onboarding = Less Cost & More Efficient Operations.

Redefining Energy Standards & Capabilities

Turns out, Aetos really is spearheading a revolution in the built environment for energy management and cost savings. 

Organizations can now take proactive steps to better efficiency and ditch more expensive energy bills.

With preventative and predictive maintenance capabilities, IoT integrations, remote management, sustainability audits, and enhanced training, organizations are unlocking new levels of efficiency – all with the visual context provided by a VMMS.

Our Visual Maintenance Management System and 3D digital twin technology provide the tools necessary to achieve significant energy savings, reduce operational costs, and promote a more sustainable future. Make smarter, more informed decisions that drive both efficiency and cost savings.

For more information on how Aetos Imaging can revolutionize your energy management practices, visit our website or contact us for a demo.

Together we can build a more efficient and sustainable future.

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