A little about us


Patrick Couch

CTO, Co-Founder

Web Dev mastermind and co-founder of RVShare

Charlie Cichetti

CEO, Co-Founder

Owner of several Green Building companies, including SIG, GBES and Blue Ocean Sustainability.

Connor Offutt

President, Co-Founder

Entrepreneur, visionary and team leader.

Nick Kassanis


President of SIG, our Green Building consulting/engineering sister company


Jack Martin

Implementation + Sales Manager

Brian Bollinger

Head of Communications

Lynzi Clark

Executive Assistant to the President

Kelsey Bannister

Head of Finance

Brian Pritchard

Recreational Therapist

Sacha Johnston

Senior Graphic Designer + UX/UI Designer

Erik Oh

Full-stack developer

Matt Behan

Senior full-stack developer

Scott Thomas

Director of Sales

Beka Rund

Head of People

Josiah Savig

Platform Specialist

Ralph DiDomenico

Chief Engineer