USE CASE: Preventative & Predictive Maintenance

Prevent Downtime. Predict Opportunities.

Revolutionize your asset maintenance by putting your entire facility in your pocket.

Take the next step in visualized preventative maintenance SOPs, or take your operations to even higher levels by harnessing the power of predictive maintenance.

Aetos leverages a best-in-class solution built for maintenance teams: advanced scheduling, asset-specific SOPs, notifications, live & historical data - even IIoT integration - all on a single pane of glass.


“When you guys gave us visibility for our equipment, it completely changed everything.”

A national energy firm is cutting their preventative maintenance troubleshooting times by more than 30%.

Listen to our CRO explain how Aetos is helping companies around the country see their assets, plan their maintenance schedules, and track critical data for their entire portfolio, yielding powerful, predictive capabilities.

Asset management is limited by what is known. Don’t let uncertainty or ignorance hold back your production.

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Pragmatic Innovation For Your Maintenance Needs

Say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets and unappealing interfaces and say hello to a platform that’s built for your operators.

Every procedure is tangibly tied to your assets. Every potential issue is anticipated, and every maintenance action is informed by the most comprehensive data available.

Your entire facility is now a dynamic maintenance tool, tailored to your specific operational needs.


Better Monitoring. Better Maintenance.

Real-Time Asset Information:
Access SOPs directly from a single pane of glass. And integrate with IIoT devices to get live data readings on any connected asset.

Next-Level Capture:
Your facility is already producing data. Capture it all and make more informed decisions across your operations, facilities, and portfolio.

Seamless Maintenance Workflows:
Streamline maintenance tasks with visual cues and step-by-step support on your 3D platform. Make procedures more efficient & less prone to error.


Empower Your Team With True Visibility

Our maintenance focus equips your team with the knowledge and data they need to perform:

Internal Support:
Document and leverage your SOPs within your 3D facility. Proactively address potential issues, reducing unexpected breakdowns and costly downtime.

Extended Equipment Lifespan:
Regular, informed maintenance ensures your assets perform optimally for longer, safeguarding your investment and influencing your margins.

Enhanced Safety:
Strengthen your safety measures. Prevent accidents and ensure a safer working environment by providing easy-to-see maintenance procedures and improve equipment performance.

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Implement Better Operations And Elevate Your Equipment Performance.

Take your operations to Industry 4.0 connectivity with IoT and Predictive capabilities.