USE CASE: Every. Single. Thing. On a Single Pane of Glass.

Access your facility from your pocket.

How would your operations change if this were possible? In what ways would your technicians and management teams benefit?

Ditch the disparate systems and adopt the solution that puts your entire facility at your fingertips. Access, monitor, and visualize every asset from a single pane of glass. Grant your teams powerful insight from any device.

Aetos is the platform where every task, asset detail, training module, and piece of data is brought together onto a single, intuitive dashboard.


“Aetos Gave Us Sight And Gave Us Visibility. You Put Our Entire Facility In Our Pocket.”

The team at Clairmont Oaks was used to calling supervisors for site walks, troubleshooting with confusion, hard-to-follow maintenance procedures, and clunky training methods. In short: they had too many systems, but couldn’t afford to ignore any of them.

Aetos changed that. By scanning and detailing their entire facility within a 3D platform, Clairmont Oaks is now operating with clarity and efficiency like never before - all with a single source of truth from a single pane of glass.

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Simplify Operations With A Single Source Of Truth.

One platform for organizational needs. One dashboard for total management.

With Aetos, say goodbye to fragmented systems and disjointed workflows, and embrace the clarity and efficiency of managing everything from one single pane of glass.

Your entire facility is now a comprehensive operations tool, tailored to your specific operational needs.


Put Your Facility In Your Pocket

Comprehensive Task Management:
View and manage all facility tasks in one unified dashboard, ensuring nothing gets overlooked. Assign, collaborate, and monitor seamlessly.

Comprehensive Asset Overview:
Access detailed information, location, and operational procedures on every asset within your facility, visualized in an immersive 3D environment.

Live & Historical Data Analysis:
Integrate with IIoT devices to make more informed decisions. Access live operational data and historical performance - all available in real-time.


Empower Your Team With Unrivaled Access

Accessibility is now at your technicians’ fingertips. Grant them powerful operational information and spatial reference.

Prioritize Efficiency & Clarity:
Eliminate wasted time and resources by managing all aspects of your operations from a single point. Deliver information and confidence immediately.

Stay Informed:
Base your decisions on a comprehensive blend of live data and historical insights, ensuring optimal performance. Sunset reactive management and collaborate with proactive planning instead.

Better Onboarding, Better Training:
Integrate site-specific training directly into the platform, ensuring your team has best practices and visual context they need at their fingertips.

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Your Single Source Of Truth On A Single Pane Of Glass.

Aetos is empowering organizations around the world to simplify workflows, enhance decision-making, and drive the built environment towards more efficient production.