USE CASE: Training & Compliance

Unparalleled clarity. Accelerated onboarding. Unbelievable results.

Welcome to a new standard in internal training and compliance, where outdated binders, generic classroom learning, and irrelevant training methods are replaced by immersive, site-specific 3D learning experiences.

Aetos leverages the power of visual context to transform how institutional knowledge is transferred to your workforce - ensuring they're not just trained, but truly prepared.


“Aetos Lets Us Deliver Our Operational Knowledge Rapidly, Repeatedly, and Visually.”

Training and onboarding methods are typically outdated and take up too much time. With high turnover rates, some organizations struggle with getting team members up to speed in a fast-paced industry.

Oglethorpe Power Company is leveraging Aetos for enhanced training and dynamic compliance initiatives. With localized 3D learning environments, their technicians are now placed in an immersive experience to “see” their surroundings and perform their procedures.

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Capture Compliance SOPs. Create purposeful training.

Burn the binders. Ditch outdated training methods.

With Aetos, your management team can leverage visual context for engaging, effective learning environments. Use our platform to demonstrate, instruct and asses the real-world scenarios your team will face.

Your entire facility is now a dynamic training tool, tailored to your specific operational, maintenance, and compliance needs.


Visualized, Site-Specific Training & Compliance

Customized Learning Paths:
Build bespoke training modules that reflect the unique SOPs, functions, and safety standards of your facility.

Interactive 3D Scans:
Use detailed 3D models of your actual workspace to guide training, making every session as relevant and practical as possible.

Continuous Learning:
Easily update content to keep on pace with changes in procedures, ensuring ongoing compliance and proficiency metrics are met.


Empower Your Team With Best Practices

Our approach to training and compliance easily captures and leverages the institutional knowledge and skills your team needs to excel:

Accelerated Onboarding:
Engage with interactive 3D models that encourage active learning and retention, moving beyond passive classroom techniques.

Immediate Application:
Apply and reference specific procedures across the workspace. Bridge the gaps between theory, practice, and real-time problem solving.

Safety and Compliance First:
Ensure all team members are up-to-date with the latest safety protocols and compliance standards, reducing risk and enhancing workplace safety.

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Transform Your Approach To Workforce Development.

Aetos is designed to educate, inspire, and foster a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence.