Burn the Binders: Revolutionize Onboarding, Training, and Transitions with Aetos Operate

Aetos Imaging is optimizing the way the built world operates. We know that facilities management is responsible for the performance of their assets – whether that be providing quality training, implementing green initiatives,  regulating preventative maintenance, meeting energy efficient goals, or analyzing data for imperative decisions. 

However, there is a core obligation that is unintentionally lagging in many organizations, putting workers at a disadvantage: training and educating employees. Aetos is stepping in and revolutionizing the way engineers, staff members, ownership, and agents are able to learn bespoke tribal knowledge within a virtual environment. 

Many Current Training Practices Are Actually Outdated

With the rise in technology – and the incredible rate of advancement in the digital space – practices and systems from years past are quickly becoming ineffectual. Because of this advance, companies that refuse to change will fall flat. The status quo of many corporations needs to change. 

Systems like outdated computer programs, filing cabinets, or generic training videos are no longer a viable option for complex operations right now, let alone in the coming years. Millennials and Gen Zers are going to be the dominant generations of workers, and are generally known for their high expectations of software development, scaffolded implementation, and task support. 

Burn the Binders

In the digital age, bulky binders are antiquated – becoming more obsolete with each passing year. The information stored in a notebook is valuable, but it is hardly accessible. In order to review hard-copy files, being on-site is required. Imagine how facilities management (particularly those with larger spaces or multiple sites) benefit from digital storage of files and documentation.

But take it a step further: consider how an Operations team is enhanced in their day-to-day tasks if they could allow team members to visualize their assets. Sure, stapled packets and clipboards have their place. But if a built environment really wants to capture a location and leverage that hyper-visibility to promote better instruction, troubleshooting, and safety demonstrations, they need something more.

Aetos Operate allows for teams to ditch binders and digitize their training within a virtual environment that is an exact representation of the space(s) employees will interact in. Our flagship software comes with customizable content, curriculum development opportunities, hyper-visual 3D representation, data captures, and real-time notations – a massive improvement to binder-held details and protocols.

Abrogate Archaic Software

Sometimes a company’s strongest attempt to “modern management” of their systems is a generic computer program that is operating in the past. With the technology readily available for buildings and its management, organizations are attempting to run efficiently with a product that simply isn’t efficient. 

Old, outdated software actually hinders a company’s ability to progress: with machinery as well as personnel. New instruments are introduced in the industrial spaces as a way to boost productivity; new engineers and equipment is brought in to replace and rejuvenate. Why would a competent company refuse to do the same with their software? 

Aetos Operate is that software upgrade. It allows for organizations to access state-of-the-art visualization techniques by leveraging digital twin technologies with enhanced training and custom-built courses.  And more, as a tailor-made 3-Dimensional CMMS, Operate allows facilities operations to be conducted on a specialized 3D digital twin. 

Train Before Day 1

Another value that Aetos Operate offers for its partners is found in the onboarding process. 

By being able to access a 3D scan, new engineers and employees can virtually tour and train with the critical assets they will be operating. Instructional videos and procedures can be deployed within the platform. Onboarding becomes much more powerful, as individuals are permitted to observe, explore, interact, and practice specific exercises from anywhere in the world. 

And this content is available in perpetuity. A crew member can access and review the intel within Operate at any time; instructional content and tutorials become dynamic, revisable, and readily accessible. 

Gather Data About Personnel Know-How

Take advantage of data collection with Aetos Operate. Statistics regarding a training module can be recorded. Submitted answers can be analyzed to see if employees are grasping the desired content, or if further guidance is required.

Data is one of the most sought-after items within the business world, helping teams get a better understanding of current affairs. Learning the levels of tribal knowledge within an organization can be critical to optimized practices, and capturing that information can bring clarity to decision makers.

Feel the Effects Immediately

With Aetos, a major upgrade in onboarding, training, and transitioning is only one conversation away. We are confident that our services will greatly enhance the way orientation, education, safety protocols, data retention, and preventative maintenance is conducted in commercial and industrial spaces; it’s the upgrade the built environment has been waiting for.

See how Aetos Imaging can help modernize and streamline your operational processes today.

A look at the Aetos Imaging platform that features site-specific training within a 3D scan.