Aetos Connect: Revolutionizing Remote Collaboration.

Aetos Imaging prides itself on the transformational features found in its platform. From Visual Asset Management to Site-Specific Training, Aetos has been revolutionizing the built environment – helping facilities and their teams operate with better clarity and more efficiency.

Aetos Connect is yet another powerful management component provided by Aetos. By leveraging their own 3D scans, organizations are able to meet and collaborate remotely within the virtualized digital twin. 

Unlike any other video conferencing platform, our most effective clients utilize Aetos Connect for engaging with their team in meaningful ways, unlocking unprecedented functionality and efficiency.

Streamlined Communication & Collaboration

Navigating a complex built environment can lead to significant communication challenges and misunderstandings. Aetos' ability to allow team members to virtually "walk and talk" through space together clears this obstacle. Remove vague directions like "down the hall… keep going…" or "further left, further – oh you passed it…" and collaborate in a far more seamless and efficient way. Avoid this major pain point in managing large, complex spaces. 

With shared control over mobility, team members can easily and precisely point out specific locations, equipment, or issues without confusion. This leads to much more dynamic and effective communication. Even third-party service providers can be involved in a digital walk, progressively streamlining communication and collaboration even outside internal operations. 

Enhanced Training & Onboarding

Traditional onboarding and training in large facilities can be time-consuming and confusing. Aetos Connect's integration of real-time video conferencing within a 3D environment synthesizes this process, enabling trainers to guide new hires through each detail of their workspace. It accelerates the learning curve and fosters a deeper understanding of the facility, overcoming the disconnect often felt with conventional – even outdated – training methods.

For training new employees or introducing a team to a new workspace, the combination of video conferencing within the 3D environment allows for a guided, interactive experience. Managers can walk new hires (or veterans!) through the facility, showing them distinct tools, equipment locations, asset specific, safety measures, or operational details, all while engaging in real-time dialogue from any device.

Remote Troubleshooting & Support

This resource-saving benefit is the feature that some of our best clients enjoy and employ most. 

When technical issues arise in vast industrial facilities or across satellite campuses, expert intervention or direction may not be available, or even feasible. Aetos Connect provides immediate remote support, where experts can guide on-site personnel through the problem-solving process within the actual 3D environment. This can drastically reduce downtime and costs associated with delays in maintenance, a common pain point in facilities management.

Maintenance teams, technicians, or even external consultants can support workers on location to specific areas or pieces of equipment to troubleshoot problems while using Connect. This remote collaboration feature facilitates rapid expertise without the need for on-site visits, saving establishments an immeasurable amount of time, money, and other essential resources.

Beyond the benefit of solving problems faster and more accurately, Aetos Connect can considerably impact sustainability targets for a facility. By employing 3D scans, the capability to dramatically decrease avoidable emissions tied to air and ground transportation becomes possible.

Virtual Project Management

Aetos Connect is designed to save resources for facilities. As such, project managers and stakeholders can have collaborative meetings within the 3D space, walking through project stages, evaluating progress, and planning next steps. This adds a new dimension of clarity and speed to project meetings and allows for a more in-depth understanding of the project status. Additionally, meeting notes and sequential tasks can be itemized in a visual way – within the digital setting and with reference to any assets involved. 

Project delays and misunderstandings can lead to cost overruns and inefficiencies. The ability to hold project meetings within Connect – assessing progress and planning collaboratively – ensures that all workers have a clear and consistent understanding of the project status. This minimizes confusion and aligns the project team, addressing the frequent challenges of coordination in construction, renovation, or other initiatives.

Enhanced performance, safety, insight, accuracy, and confidence become much more attainable when using this substantial level of visibility. With Aetos Connect, project managers can effectively communicate and track essential information, resulting in quicker and more precise exchanges. 

Real-Time Decision Making

Big decisions typically require visual aids and conceptual support. These “big decisions” typically take weeks to properly organize, plan, coordinate, and execute due to complications in travel, schedules, or anything of the like. 

However, Aetos Connect allows just that: the ability to connect stakeholders, workers, managers, or any other personnel. Teams can assess the situation together within a digital twin environment, forgoing historic logistical limitations. This shared visual platform supports better-informed decisions, based on a mutual understanding of the space; Connect empowers project crews to discuss and decide in real-time.

Because Aetos Connect grants real-time collaborative decision-making within the actual spatial context, operational dominoes line up and fall more easily. With Connect, well-informed decisions that reflect a shared understanding of the space lead to faster processes, better clarity, enhanced collaboration, quicker timelines, and alleviates the common frustration of misaligned methods.

Emergency Planning & Safety Drills

Organizations can use this technology to plan and run virtual safety drills, guiding participants through evacuation routes, emergency responses, and critical protocols within the actual layout of the facility. This real-time guidance makes safety training more engaging and effective. Save time and money without sacrificing vital visual framework to drills, plans, and hazardous work environments. 

Safety training in industrial settings often falls short due to unrealistic simulations or outdated materials. While Aetos does boast a transformative feature in Site-Specific Training, there are times when emergency exercises need to be conducted at a prescribed rate. Aetos Connect enables realistic, digital safety drills, embedding them within the true layout of the facility. This enhances engagement and effectiveness in disaster training, directly addressing the crucial need for realistic and regular preparedness in industrial environments.

Aetos Connect: Revolutionizing Remote Collaboration.

Connect is a groundbreaking feature that can revolutionize how technicians, plant managers, and other personnel interact in their facilities.

The built environment is leveraging remote collaboration now more common than ever; Aetos Connect is redefining virtual teamwork, reshaping how the industry interacts with workers, assets, budgeting, management, and production. It ensures a safer, more efficient, and interactive approach to daily operations and specialized tasks. 

By understanding and targeting specific industry challenges, Aetos is providing a dynamic tool that not only seamlessly adapts to the current landscape of facilities management (and makes it easier), but shapes its future: leading to safer, more efficient, and increasingly innovative operations. 

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