Advancing the Power of Visibility in Facility Management

Facility management is multi-faceted and complex, meaning visibility and clarity are vital. Understanding the intricate layout, resources, and potential challenges of a facility's physical space can be the difference between successful operations and preventable inefficiencies. 

Aetos Imaging, a leader in the sector, is leveraging 3D scanning technology to bring new levels of lucidity, productivity, and safety to facility management. Although not limited to the following five examples, Aetos is providing organizations with the power of unprecedented visibility. 

3D Virtual Rendering

At the heart of Aetos' offerings is its sophisticated 3D virtual rendering. Beyond just creating a digital replica of facilities with 3D scans, the Aetos platform is a fully interactive, immersive experience. Now, facilities teams are given an incredible tool for internal operations. 

With these virtual models, both managers and staff can gain an in-depth understanding of their environment, enhancing strategic planning, and daily initiatives. In the Aetos platform, a revolutionary level of detail and accuracy is transforming the way organizations perceive their physical space – and how they operate within it.

Visualized Asset Database

Traditional asset management typically involves spreadsheets or databases that, while functional, lack intuitive visual context. Aetos is turning this notion on its head by tying an interactive visual model to a cloud-based asset database. 

This innovative approach links equipment, components, and historical records to their precise locations within a 3D model of the facility. Not only does this lead to more streamlined and efficient resource management, but it also helps organizations better understand the interconnectivity and dependencies of their assets.

Site-Specific Training

Knowledge transfer and training are crucial elements in facility management. Whether it’s bringing in new employees or new equipment, having clear, standardized skill-building can have a significant impact on the efficiency of an organization.

Aetos is optimizing its 3D models to create site-specific training programs. Trainees can interact with a virtual version of their workspace, enhancing their understanding and preparation without physically being on site. 

By making training more relevant and practical, Aetos is helping organizations build more skilled, confident, and prepared teams, leading to greater operational efficiency, while promoting safer learning conditions, should an organization have hazardous settings. 

Safety Routes & Procedures

With Aetos' 3D models, safety takes on a new dimension – and companies are afforded even more clarity. Safety routes and emergency procedures can be visualized and understood more intuitively. Personnel can virtually walk through evacuation routes and safety protocols, helping to ensure they are prepared for any situation. 

This enhanced focus on safety can lead to fewer incidents, a stronger culture of safety, and improved peace of mind for everyone in the organization. Additionally, should an institution need documentation for meeting mandates, Aetos provides an easier, clearer solution for regulated cooperation.

Remote Collaboration

One of Aetos' game-changing applications is in the area of remote collaboration. Cloud-based 3D scans on the Aetos platform can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world. This eliminates the need for team members to be on site for discussions or planning, significantly reducing travel costs and improving sustainability. 

Moreover, it provides an invaluable resource for teams that are geographically dispersed, making distance a non-issue for efficient, collaborative decision-making. This ability to virtually "be there" ensures that all stakeholders can contribute their insights and expertise, no matter where they are.

Harness the Power of Visibility

The power of Aetos is found in what we allow facilities and their personnel to truly see in their spaces. Whether organizations leverage our platform for visualized inventory, collaborating and connecting in a virtual space, providing step-by-step support with unprecedented clarity, or in any other way, we are here to help your team visualize your operations with more than just a neat scan.

Aetos is not just adding a technology layer to the facilities management industry: we are fundamentally redefining it. Aetos offers a new perspective on how facilities can be managed, how teams can be trained, how safety procedures can be implemented, and how collaboration can be achieved. 

Through visualization, Aetos is giving organizations the tools they need to better understand their facilities. 

Contact us today to learn more about the power of visibility! See how the Aetos platform can bring new levels of clarity to your operations.

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