Commercial Building Management Just Got Easier

Right now, the newest marketing strategy in the residential real estate space is everywhere: 3D listings. Agents all across the country are using 3D technology to offer “self-guided” tours of a listed property; this enables potential buyers to explore and see their new home in a virtual space. By creating these “digital twins”, the real estate market is becoming more and more accessible for prospects.

But what if that technology was used for more than just listing and selling a space? What if 3D imaging could actually be used as a tool for large-scale facilities management? 

Enter Aetos Operate.

Aetos Imaging is an industry-leading software service that provides and unlocks incredible potential for how large buildings are managed, maintained, viewed, documented, and appreciated (both in the monetary and general sense of the word).

Essentially, Aetos Imaging has created a virtual platform to leverage the capabilities of a digital twin. A digital twin is basically that: a 3D capturing of a physical space that is then “uploaded into the cloud”; this process has an exponential impact on commercial spaces. And Aetos Imaging is leading the way.

Aetos Imaging is driven to add astonishing value and convenience to commercial building owners. It’s flagship software — Aetos Operate — is opening up a virtual world where facilities management is simply better. Aetos Imaging has unlocked incredible potential for building owners to improve facilities management by using the Operate software to intentionally target digital storage, portfolio support, user interface, customized trainings, and asset appreciation. 

Digital Storage

Aetos Operate can digitally scan and store a building’s space in its entirety — from start to finish, top to bottom. Pre-construction, construction, and post-construction phases of a building are incredible pieces of data that can be stored and utilized for future decisions. How many times has a building owner wished they knew what was behind a wall before starting a project?

Portfolio Support

Not only can it securely hold data for a specific building, the Aetos Operate software was intentionally designed for owners of multiple buildings to utilize. Want to compare your 6 chiller rooms in your portfolio to see some specs and maintenance information? Great, click a couple buttons. That’s right, Aetos Operate has created an advantage for owners to compare, contrast, and evaluate their critical spaces at the click of a button — not digging through mounds and mounds of (potentially outdated) paperwork.

Incredible User Interface

The visibility benefit of Aetos Operate is spectacular. Within our software, we have developed a user-friendly experience where building documentation functions in a way that is best suited for commercial operations. Within the framework is the opportunity to cite past, current, and future maintenance data, have an accessible location for collaboration and correspondence, link files (or videos) to support facilities operations, and much more all within the scope of Aetos Operate.

Customized Training

By using Aetos Operate, facilities managers can implement onboarding or best-practice trainings to a multitude of employees all virtually. Imagine a day where mandatory building walk-throughs aren’t full of logistical headaches; imagine a way for meetings, notes, and critical space knowledge and strategies become more efficient, cost-effective, digitally archivable, and accessible to new and existing location workers.

Asset Appreciation 

And to bring it full circle, a 3D capture is powerful (and nearly becoming required) in the real estate world. Suppose a building owner is trying to market their space: wouldn’t a digital twin being included only strengthen the value of the asset? “My commercial property is for sale. Oh yeah, I’ll throw in an Aetos Operate digital twin of the entire thing — with accurately tagged and labeled critical locations complete with the online documents of knowledge and how-tos for how to run the space smoothly.” 

These are just a sample of items that the power of 3D imaging can bring with Aetos. If you’re interested in taking your asset and/or portfolio to the next level with the industry leader, Aetos Imaging and Aetos Operate are ready. Request a demo today, and see how Aetos can help. 

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