We’re Having Twins! 3D Scans Are Here

Across the globe, Digital Twin technologies are becoming more and more prevalent in the physical world. Many tech experts have predicted an uptick in digital twin usage and applications, anticipating 2023 as the year for the breakthrough.

Organizations all over the world are having twins. And it looks like they’re here to stay. 

Aetos Imaging recognized this trend months ago, and have found a niche to help serve building owners, portfolio holders, facilities management, and safety personnel. With the Aetos Operate Software, 3D scans can be hyper-visualized and specifically layered in efforts to unlock the full potential of streamlined operations within a building’s life cycle.

3D scans and the technologies implemented within the built environment are continuing to become more commonplace. 


European Digital Twin Summit 2022 occurred in Hamburg, Germany this September. The purpose of the meeting was to “advance the use of digital twin technologies across industries, ranging from Real Estate, to Complex Production Facilities, from Architecture, Engineering, and Construction to Taxonomy for Predictive Maintenance, Compliance Management, and combating Shortage of Skilled Workers by effectively preserving human knowledge and experiences in human-digital twin interaction.” 

The attendees at the summit were introduced to further applications that digital twins can provide for commercial real estate, as well as provided a networking opportunity for like-minded individuals who are involved in making the built environment more sustainable and efficient.


AECO Innovation Lab recently launched a new research project to get a clearer, more comprehensive picture of the relationship between digital twins and a building’s life cycle. Based in Canada, AECO is keen on discovering more on the implications of this technology within the architectural, engineering, and construction sectors. 

One of the key components of the project is to observe and measure “the economic, environmental and social challenges that can be addressed by digital twins such as visualizing land and building investments, predicting affordable housing needs, looking at developing sustainable cities, and aiding in municipal operations.” By looking beyond just infrastructure, digital twin technology has the capacity to enhance the experiences of project managers, investors, building operators, architects, engineers, and tax-paying citizens.


Household name Microsoft is pushing the envelope in the digital space. Using their Azure IoT platform, they’re aiming to “monitor and analyze the use of resources and resulting emissions” within infrastructure. Microsoft is trying to use this branch of technology to improve sustainability and explore equipment management and safety systems within buildings. (Sounds familiar!) 

The tech is picking up speed, and the implications of this momentum is clear: industry leaders around the world are exploring ways to leverage digital twin technology across multiple trades, environments, corporations, and services.

Aetos Imaging

Aetos is encouraged to see so many different industries seeing the value of digital twins and utilizing the virtual space as a way to be more efficient, productive, clean, manageable, and environmentally friendly; 3D scans can be applied to a myriad of applications, and we’re ready to show the world what our software (Aetos Operate) is capable of. 

Aetos is leading the charge on how to better implement system management, green building initiatives, training services, preventative maintenance, and safety regulations; Aetos knows that building owners, companies, and even government agencies are looking for ways to augment their modus operandi and improve their assets. 

Our platform is breaking barriers and challenging the current environment to push even further than before. The experts believe digital twins will boom in 2023: Aetos has been anticipating this need, and are ready to help large-scale buildings take the next jump into better management. 

Organizations all over the world are having twins; now it’s time to leverage the technology to save money, save time, and prevent unnecessary problems. And since Digital Twins are here to stay, Aetos Imaging believes there’s a bright future in professional collaboration with building owners everywhere. Find out today how we can serve your space!

A cityscape is overlayed with digital features, linking the physical with the virtual in the form of digital twins and 3D scans