Is Your Team in Reactive Mode with Risk Management? Try Visualizing Your Facilities with Aetos

Commercial facilities prioritize efficiency and safety, irrespective of their size or function. Effective asset and risk management goes beyond standard procedures, and hinges on accessing accurate, real-time data to make informed decisions. A new breakthrough in facility visibility is fundamentally changing how the built environment and its personnel prevent, predict, and mitigate risk. 

What is Risk Management & Why Does It Matter?

Risk management is a broad pillar of FM and is an ongoing process that involves identifying, assessing, and addressing potential loss scenarios. It also includes continuous monitoring – as well as financial strategies – to reduce the negative impact of losses. 

Effective industrial settings are designed to run at optimal levels while simultaneously keeping assets safe. Following procedural mandates, equipment monitoring, HSE training, and general walkthroughs are frequent functions within the commercial sector and are vital for reducing risk.

In risk management, a reactive posture is costly and unpredictable, whereas a proactive stance is strategic and anticipatory.

Industrial sites and systems are always looking at improving efficiency, output, safety, and sustainability. If risk management were more predictable for facility teams, an opportunity opens up to enhance production further.

Visualize Your Operations & Reduce Your Risks

Aetos is the leader in this breakthrough technology for operations management and infrastructure. We have completely reimagined how establishments manage, interact with, and visualize their assets, resulting in better performance and risk reduction. By leveraging 3D scans to capture invaluable insights, a Visual Maintenance Management System (VMMS) is delivered. 

Aetos offers a dynamic platform that enables stakeholders like plant managers, technicians, and site engineers to accurately envision their assets and optimize operations and training within their facilities.

FMs, Plant Managers, Field Techs, and Maintenance Supervisors are able to take a more proactive approach, using clarity and understanding for improved strategic planning for asset management, training, compliance, record keeping, scheduling, and routine responsibilities. 

Regarding risk management, Aetos allows organizations to augment their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly operations. Equipment monitoring, employee training, waste management, regulatory compliance, security drills, disaster recovery planning, and procedural audits are just a few ways our 3D platform grants FMs and their teams the visibility they need to take charge of their risk mitigation strategies and implementation. 

We bring together maintenance, training, IoT, collaboration, and asset management processes into one place, providing a single “platform of reference” for technicians and FMs to execute all responsibilities; more potently, we integrate with existing systems (ERP, CMMS, data lakes) to enable a visual, enterprise-wide platform of reference for all mechanical equipment and technical know-how relevant to a facility or on a production line.

We asked some of our partners how Aetos is assisting them in saving valuable resources on a number of essential risk management factors:

-- Aetos has helped increase asset lifecycle by 20%
-- Aetos has helped decrease onboarding time by 50%
-- With proper implementation, Aetos has decreased asset downtime by 10% annually
-- Project speed has increased by nearly 20% by leveraging on-site training and collaboration
-- Operational costs have decreased by 10% (or more)
-- Employees retain more valuable information regarding safety, procedural methods, and overall institutional knowledge with Aetos’ platform capabilities.

Risk management cannot be understated, and neither can the importance of clarity. Aetos has drastically impacted the way initiatives are completed and standards are realized across a facility.

Take the Next Step with Aetos

As Industry 4.0 ushers in a new era of connectivity, Aetos stands out as a pioneering force, propelling the realm of FM into the future. Through the innovative combination of 3D scanning, integrated platforms, and unparalleled visibility, Aetos is redefining facility functions, including how organizations perceive and approach risk. 

The tangible results – from extended asset lifecycles and reduced onboarding time to significant cost savings – underscore the transformative platform that Aetos delivers. Beyond mere risk management, Aetos promises an enlightened era of operational excellence; facilities can do more than just mitigate risks when leveraging our platform. 

We aim to foster an environment of safety, efficiency, and progress. Now is the time to change your risk management stance from reactive to proactive with the power of Aetos. 

Connect with Aetos today to mitigate your risks and maximize your asset safety & productivity.

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