Aetos Imaging: Pioneering Sustainable Tech Solutions for NYSERDA Compliance

Racing to Meet New York’s Sustainable Ambitions

Sustainability has become an essential part of standardized management – particularly in commercial real estate. As such, Building operations and maintenance (BOM) professionals have emerged as essential change-makers in Commercial Real Estate (CRE). 

In dynamic locales like New York – with its towering skyscrapers and robust commercial infrastructure – BOM personnel are CRE’s quiet, yet critical component to operating buildings in a sustainable way. NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) is at the forefront of this vital movement towards cleaner energy. Using innovation and investment, NYSERDA is keen on combating climate change in the Empire State.

New York State’s Climate Act is an ambitious law structured to have increasing milestones every decade. By 2030, buildings are required to meet a 70% renewable energy mark; in 2040, 100% zero-emissions electricity; and by 2050, the Climate Act calls for an overall reduction of 85% in greenhouse gas emissions from New York.

Organizations throughout New York have been charged with meeting more stringent standards in order to change the way the built environment targets sustainability measures. Because of these high benchmarks, training current (and future) BOM workers is essential for optimized operations. 


Aetos Imaging's Technological Triumph in NYSERDA Compliance

In a recent Bisnow article, Aetos Imaging was featured as a major contributor in the space. Using the NYSERDA program to fund the implementation of Aetos’ powerful platform across multiple CRE sites, BOMs were able to operate with more clarity in their buildings and cut down on emissions. 

Aetos is known in the industry for being the premier solution for visualizing facilities management. By leveraging 3D scans for better clarity, asset management, site-specific training, remote collaboration, preventative (and predictive!) maintenance, and more, Aetos is pioneering the integration of tech solutions – leading with NYSERDA compliance.  

Connor Offutt, CEO of Aetos Imaging, illuminated the company's approach. “Aetos consulted subject-matter experts from various sectors to craft immersive training content for each specific building. Through this innovative method, building staff gained access to a visualized work space that features site-specific training, preparing them for their roles, and enlightening them about their facility and crucial energy-saving techniques and practices.”

Aetos exemplifies the integration of technology with compliance, harnessing the potential of NYSERDA's program. The platform provides virtual training for building engineers across multiple NY properties. BOMs were given an immersive representation of their maintenance areas, alongside a visual asset database, augmented training modules, and even remote collaboration capabilities. 

Our Sustainable Vision

Aetos Imaging isn't just a technology company; it's a beacon of change in the realm of sustainable infrastructure. Rooted in a profound understanding of the built environment's impact on our planet, Aetos passionately integrates cutting-edge digital solutions to address the pressing need for cleaner energy. 

In the bustling race towards conservation compliance, Aetos Imaging stands tall, demonstrating the art of melding technology with sustainability. By providing dynamic solutions tailored to the unique needs of the built environment, Aetos isn't just adapting to NYSERDA's rigorous standards – it's setting new ones. With a visionary approach to facility management, coupled with its unwavering commitment to environmental preservation, Aetos is the innovative leader in building management system integration.

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New York State is encouraging innovation and investment in the commercial real estate industry to hit Climate Act targets. Aetos Imaging is leveraging NYSERDA funding for enhanced sustainability and improved operations.