Unparalleled Clarity for Training & Compliance: 7 Reasons to Leverage Your Digital Twin for Employee Training.

Everyone loves standing in front of squeaking equipment, scratching their head at what is causing such a horrible noise.

Especially when a supervisor is right next to you. 

With a grim face. 

At 2am.

That’s the sweet spot. 

Yeah right!

(It actually might be a technician’s worst nightmare.)

But what if it could be the sweet spot? What if when that machine started squeaking, you knew exactly what to do and exactly how to solve it? 

Briefing a supervisor on how you serviced a late-night problem and avoided next-morning production interruptions could turn you into a low-key superhero.

Better training and better compliance could be the superpower-granting difference between that 2am visit and a stellar morning report. 

And it might require very little memorization.

The built environment is starting to realize the potential of using digital twins, virtual training settings, and visually accessible SOPs for better operational efficiency.

7 Reasons to Leverage Your Digital Twin for Employee Training

How could employee training and performance improve if workers were able to see and interact with their facility within a learning environment?

What if technicians could capture operating procedures and access them in real-time while accomplishing a task? 

Aetos Imaging captures and leverages the institutional knowledge and skills your team needs to excel. Here are 7 advantages to using visual context for better learning experiences within your organization:

1. Safety & Compliance First

Keep all team members up-to-date with the latest safety protocols and compliance standards, reducing risk and enhancing workplace safety. 

The best organizations prioritize the well-being of their employees by providing comprehensive training on safety procedures and compliance requirements. Using a proactive approach minimizes the risk of accidents and regulatory violations, creating a safer and more secure work environment. 

Regular updates and customized assessments ensure that your team remains vigilant and knowledgeable about the latest standards, fostering a culture of safety and accountability.

2. Customized Learning Paths

Build bespoke training modules that reflect the unique equipment, functions, and safety standards of your facility. 

Customized paths promote training that is directly applicable to the specific needs and workflows of your organization. By tailoring the learning experience to a unique environment, Aetos helps bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. 

Team leaders can provide a more efficient and effective training process, where employees are better prepared to meet the demands of their roles, regardless of the environment.

3. Interactive 3D Scans

Burn the outdated binders and use detailed 3D models of your actual workspace to guide training and enhance learning. 

Now, each session is as relevant and practical as possible. Leveraging an immersive approach allows employees to familiarize themselves with their work environment in a risk-free setting. They can practice procedures and troubleshoot potential issues without the pressure of real-world consequences, loud environments, or unsafe conditions. 

Providing hands-on experience is invaluable for developing confidence and competence, ultimately leading to a safer and more productive workplace.

4. Continuous Learning

Easily update site-specific content to keep pace with corporate initiatives, continuous improvement changes, and proficiency standards. 

In an industry that seeks to optimize performance, facility leaders can design and assess training materials that promote best practices. These unique learning opportunities allow teams to be up-to-date on all relevant procedures and any alterations to operations.

Aetos makes it simple to revise and enhance training materials as needed, so your team is always equipped with the most current information.

5. Accelerated Onboarding

Interactive 3D models encourage active learning and retention, moving beyond passive classroom techniques. 

Visual methods engage employees from the start, making the onboarding process more enjoyable and effective. New hires can quickly acclimate to their roles and responsibilities, reducing the time it takes for them to become productive team members. 

The immersive nature of the training also helps to identify and address any knowledge gaps early on, setting employees up for long-term success.

(And some organizations actually use these environments for screening and interviewing!)

7. Here’s Proof! A Quick Case Study

A Georgia-based power company is at the forefront of this digital transformation

By utilizing Aetos’ enhanced training and dynamic compliance initiatives, technicians now experience an immersive environment. They “see” their surroundings in a digital twin of their specific facility, and perform practice procedures in a localized 3D learning environment. 

And when they get into the field, the training is not left in the classroom, nor is it stowed away in a binder across the expansive facility: procedures and asset information is virtually accessible with any mobile device, granting procedural support and best practices at the fingertips of all personnel.

Additionally, technicians at the power company are afforded the opportunity to collaborate faster, more efficiently, and more effectively by leveraging a digital twin for their internal operations as well as their SOP, equipment, IoT data, and lockout tagout repository. 

This approach has replaced outdated training methods with purposeful, visual context. The result is a more engaged and competent workforce, ready to tackle challenges with confidence and precision. 

Now, some of Georgia's best technicians can complete training modules in a fraction of the time it used to take, dramatically improving overall productivity and significantly accelerating onboarding times. 

A New Era of Operational Excellence

Welcome to a better way to execute internal training and compliance. Aetos is setting a new benchmark in training and compliance, and organizations around the country are recognizing the power of visibility.

Transferring institutional knowledge has never been easier or more intuitive.

High turnover rates and time-consuming onboarding processes can leave organizations struggling to get team members up to speed and proficient in the field. 

Aetos reimagines the entire process by leveraging visual context, ensuring your workforce is not just trained but truly prepared for their tasks by granting unparalleled clarity, accelerated onboarding, and revolutionary results.

Transform outdated methods into immersive, site-specific 3D learning experiences. Operate with a workforce that is prepared, proficient, and compliant. Embrace visual maintenance, and empower your team with the best practices that drive success.

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