Accelerating Employee Onboarding: Aetos Operate in Action

The world of facility and plant management is experiencing a profound transformation. Traditional methods are giving way to a new wave of innovative solutions, and one of the most powerful toolkits available is Aetos Operate. This dynamic platform is not just redefining how businesses manage their facilities but is also revolutionizing employee onboarding and training.

The Challenges of Conventional Onboarding

Conventional employee onboarding often involves lengthy manuals, tedious PowerPoint presentations, and uninspiring videos. It's a process that's not only time-consuming, but can also leave new team members overwhelmed and disengaged. In an industry where precision and competence are paramount, there's a pressing need for a more effective approach.

Aetos Operate: The Catalyst for Change

Aetos Operate is at the forefront of this transformation. By harnessing the power of immersive training, it's reimagining the way facility and plant management teams onboard their new recruits. But what exactly does this paradigm shift look like, and how is it driving tangible value for businesses?

360° Immersive Learning

Aetos Operate goes beyond traditional manuals and videos. It visually immerses new hires in a high-resolution, 360-degree, 3D model of their facility. Within this realistic environment, they can actively engage with equipment, access vital information, monitor asset health, and review maintenance techniques.

Rather than being passive learners, new team members become active participants in their learning journey. Employees are granted immersion into a digital replica of their facility where they can visualize facility layout, grasp equipment location, and gain a deeper understanding of how everything seamlessly integrates.

Centralized Resources for Effortless Learning

Additionally, training materials are often scattered across multiple platforms and resources in a conventional onboarding process. Aetos centralizes all these resources, making them much quicker and easier to access. Training modules, best practices, standard operating procedures – all become easily accessible and in any technician’s pocket. 

This streamlines learning, ensuring that new hires receive the right information precisely when they need it. A facility’s critical educational content is also retroactively available for any troubleshooting needs or future learning development edits.

Real-World Examples: How Aetos Operate Makes a Difference

Let's explore a few real-world scenarios to understand the transformative impact of Aetos Operate:

  • Equipment Familiarization: A new maintenance technician steps into a large manufacturing facility. With Operate, they don't need to spend weeks learning the layout. They enter a 3D model, virtually "walk" through the plant, and interact with equipment. In a matter of days, they're confident and a productive member of the team.

  • Comprehensive Training: Imagine a scenario where a major HVAC system suddenly malfunctions. With Aetos Operate, technicians don't need to fumble through bulky manuals. They can quickly access immersive, step-by-step learning modules right on-site to troubleshoot and repair quickly.

  • Engaging Safety Protocols: Safety is paramount in the facility management sector. Aetos Operate allows new hires to immerse themselves in safety training simulations, ensuring they understand and follow safety protocols without putting themselves at risk.

  • Effective Emergency Response: During an unexpected equipment breakdown, new team members need to react swiftly. Aetos Operate's immersive training equips them to respond effectively in high-pressure situations, ensuring minimal disruption and safe procedures during emergencies.

  • Streamlined Compliance: The facility management industry is laden with complex regulations and compliance requirements. Immersive training provides new employees with an interactive, practical understanding of these rules, ensuring the facility remains in compliance and avoids potential fines or legal issues.

  • Efficient Vendor Collaboration: In facilities with multiple vendors, it's essential for new team members to understand how to collaborate effectively. Aetos Operate can simulate vendor interactions, helping employees build the necessary skills to coordinate efficiently with external service providers.

The Tangible Value of Immersive Training

The benefits are crystal clear:

  • Reduced Onboarding Time: The immersive approach shortens the onboarding process significantly. New team members are up to speed faster, contributing to operations more quickly.

  • Improved Retention: Immersive learning is engaging and memorable. This translates to better knowledge retention and more competent employees.

  • Enhanced Safety: Safety procedures are more effectively communicated and absorbed through immersive training, leading to fewer accidents and incidents.

  • Reduced Downtime: Swift issue resolution, aided by quick access to information, minimizes downtime and helps facilities run smoothly.

  • Increased Efficiency: The ability to access crucial resources and data on-site or remotely makes employees more efficient in their roles.

The power of immersive training is transforming not only how new team members onboard but how entire operations are run. Aetos has emerged as a game-changer, propelling the industry into a more efficient future. As more organizations experience the immediate benefits of rapid onboarding, enhanced competence, and streamlined operations, the demand for immersive training solutions is soaring. 

Aetos stands as the torchbearer, leading the charge towards a future where facility and plant management achieves new heights of efficiency and excellence. Embrace the future now with Aetos Operate and redefine the way you manage facilities.

A technician works on site after completing site-specific training on the Aetos Operate platform.