Which cameras work to produce Matterport virtual tours?

Matterport turns virtual tours into an immersive reality. This is a system for creating amazing 3D virtual tours used by service hotels, venues, guest house, and professionals like architects, real estate agents, and designers. It offers both sides, that of the service provider and receiver, an endless list of opportunities. For the provider, it’s a chance to promote the brand in the most attractive, realistic way. For the receiver, it’s a way to do actual viewing without being physically present on-site. 

Thanks to Matterport, you can now offer more than a few quality panoramic scans and images. With the right camera and this tool, you can create a 360 virtual tour of highest quality. 

But, what kind of camera do you need to make all this happen?

Best Cameras to Produce a Tour with Matterport

To create a 3D tour, you can use a 3D camera, lidar camera, a 360 degree spherical camera, or even your iPad and iPhone device. Once you scan the space, the rest is left to Matterport and its Cortex AI. Your scan will swiftly be turned into an interactive, amazing 3D model by stitching images together and using smart technology to recognize objects. 

Matterport is compatible with a variety of capturing devices that include, but are not limited to iPhones and iPads, Matterport Pro2 3D cameras, and more. Which one is best for you will depend on your preferences, the size of your spaces, and of course, your budget. For example, iPhones only work well if you are scanning smaller spaces and need the tour at short notice. If you want something that provides top-notch quality, there are cameras that can provide better results. 

Top Choices for Matterport Cameras

The Matterport software allows users to create the desired space’s digital twin. So, when you capture spatial data, the software uses it to create a room in three dimensions. It’s truly advanced software that recognizes objects, recreates them, as well as measures both distance and depth. 

The result is a very accurate, very realistic digital model of the space you’ve scanned. 

Still, it all starts with the right scan, which is why we created this list of best cameras to use for scanning. 

#1. Matterport Pro2

Matterport has created its own cameras with amazing capabilities. Their Pro2 cameras are specifically designed to be used with the Capture software. To access the floor plans and 3D models captured with your Matterport Pro2 Lidar camera, you need to subscribe for their Professional or Business plan. 

This camera has 134 megapixels and captures a photosphere, which is basically a 360 degree image of the space. It pairs with any iOS device that has the Capture app and is running it via internal Wi-Fi. 

Using this tool is simple since it takes only 20 seconds to capture the room scan. It has a long battery life, so you can have as many tries as you want, and scan several spaces or properties without having to take a break. 

These types of cameras come at a higher cost, but they provide the best results since you can accurately map and scan a room. You can surely use a standard camera, but the 3D map will be less accurate, especially for bigger spaces. 

#2. Ricoh Theta Z1

Speaking of alternatives that are of similar quality, the Ricoh Theta Z1 is an excellent choice. This camera is compatible with the Matterport software, featuring dual 1 inch sensors that perfectly capture the colors and the light. 

Thanks to its ability to shoot vibrant images, this camera allows Matterport to predict the depth more accurately and create an immersive 3D space. It’s definitely a good choice for both small and larger spaces because of it. 

It might not be the perfect fit, but it comes really close – especially if you have a lower budget. 

#3. Insta360 One X

Insta360 One X is a very popular camera, one that is also compatible with Matterport. It doesn’t match up to the quality and options of the first two choices here, but its cost is much lower, and it produces great results in small to medium-sized spaces. It’s also the easiest camera in this list to use, even though it is not as able to reduce overexposure as the other two. 

Which Matterport camera is best for you?

There you have it – the top three choices that can help you create the best immersive tools thanks to Matterport. As you can see, there’s something for everyone. Consider your budget, needs, and preferences, and pick one to create your 3D tours. 

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