How the New Era of Engineers are Training Their Teams With 3D Scans

How the New Era of Engineers are Training Their Teams With 3D Scans

Buildings are complex, unique and always improving. Advances in engineering technology, tools, and best practices happen almost every day. Staying up to date with new methods of training is vital to keeping your team ahead of the curve. The new generation of engineers will be trained in the newest technologies and best training practices that can be accessed in the field or from anywhere in the world. 

“Tribal Knowledge” in Commercial Real Estate

Tribal knowledge is any information pertaining to a product or service process that resides only in the minds of the employees. This critical expertise may reside with one or many employees, and may vary between teams, but it is undocumented in nature. Because it is unwritten, tribal knowledge is typically shared by example or word-of-mouth (if at all). For facilities management teams, tribal knowledge can be a huge barrier to quickly developing and strengthening the learning of important teams. It is often the case where critical information on how to operate the building resides in the minds of the engineers or specialized staff, and is not stored or distributed to future employees through a guaranteed process. 

How can Aetos help businesses save?

In the wake of the covid pandemic, effective communication and training has proven both more important and more challenging than in the past. Aetos Imaging provides businesses with a Visual Equipment Database which allows for more effective training and onboarding. To form this database, Aetos Operate harnesses the power of 3D digital twin technology to deliver the most accurate and visually appealing immersive environment possible. Within the Operate platform, anyone who needs access can view these spaces and conveniently visualize any and all equipment, components, and the systems to which they belong. Operate allows your building team to offer custom, bespoke training, tailored to every building’s unique environment. Staff will have the ability to find and identify equipment with ease, react to critical emergencies and even go through specific maintenance procedures to ensure safety and efficiency of the building. Operate also provides businesses with better onboarding. Engineering teams can now onboard with training from their best and most trained experts. Keeping everyone up-to-date on procedures and training can be tedious and time consuming; however, Aetos Operate makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page. Staying aligned can be the difference between well trained and indesirable employees. Operate allows engineers and operations teams to meet, learn and make decisions in the environment where they actually work, from anywhere in the world, on any device. 

Use all of the tools in your belt

Aetos Operate gives businesses the in-depth knowledge for their buildings to run at maximum efficiency. The “forgetting curve” can be overcome. Although training gives employees all the right tools for success, individuals have a difficult time retaining information. Accessible and convenient ongoing learning can slow or even diminish the process of forgetting. People retain information better when learning is directly incorporated into their work, especially the complex work of facility engineers. Aetos helps bridge the gap between knowledge and learning. Now, engineers have the freedom to get on-demand training with the click of a button. From any device, they can access the Operate dashboard to train directly in the building environment, from anywhere in the world. Aetos Operate makes training easy and accessible. 

Learning doesn’t stop after the diploma…

Just as in any other field, engineering institutes new practices, processes and tools in the name of innovation. Those in the field have to adapt and enhance their skill set to stay at the top of their game. Engineers already know they must be able to answer any number of questions related to the machinery and spaces with which they are working. For instance, how do you repair this specific piece of machinery? Where in the building is this equipment? What are the proper sequence of operations? Companies need qualified and professional engineers who they can trust with their building. Aetos Operate makes sure engineers no longer need to worry about avoiding a knowledge gap or keeping up with newer technology or new machinery. Continued learning leads to more prepared professionals. Professional development with Aetos takes building operations and maintenance to the next level. 

Disrupt the “Old Way” of Training 

It is in our nature to innovate anywhere we can. Humanity has engineered its way from nomadic tribes to cities filled with millions. Engineering training sets the pace of future innovation. Minimal time and money wasted on training new engineers drives progress. Aetos Operate enables businesses to train engineers remotely, access on-demand important information, and continue professional development from anywhere at any time. Waste no time and squash the forgetting curve by scheduling a free demo today at!

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