How the Future of CRE firms are Managing Their Assets

CRE Management is Messy

Commercial Real Estate firms across the nation understand the struggle of staying organized while managing a large portfolio. With assets delegated among the management team, how can a firm with a large portfolio stay on the same page if their information is not organized properly? Aetos Operate eliminates unorganized facilities information and provides businesses with a clear, accessible dashboard to manage all of their real-world building assets, spaces and equipment. 

Take Some of the Stress Off

Management and Facility Operations teams can now access all of their buildings, spaces and equipment all in one place. Aetos Operate provides businesses with an appealing dashboard which houses their whole portfolio of buildings, individual space scans, and specific equipment. Operate also features truly immersive, 3D video conferencing, allowing team members to collaborate directly with each other within the digital twin itself, whether they are across the campus or on the road.

There is not Enough to go Around

“Remote” is a word everyone hears more often these days. Remote work, remote training, and more; but there hasn’t been much talk, if any, about remote operations. Now, Aetos provides a solution to one of the biggest Operational challenges: bandwidth. Everyone in commercial real estate operations understands how difficult it is to find qualified employees to fill important positions, now more than ever. Aetos Operate allows employees to be better equipped with on-demand learning and remote operations. This allows employees to handle their workload more effectively, and even retains qualified talent for whom excessive travel would be a deal-breaker. 

Can Digital Twins help?

Having a digital twin of your building has many practical applications and benefits, including leveraging technology for training and operations. Remote training can take your business to the next level. Imagine not having to purchase airline tickets for training a whole team of engineers. Now, that dream can be a reality. Check out this article to learn more about how Aetos Operate provides remote training capabilities. 

Green AND Efficient

Aetos Operate allows for green and efficient facility operations, by ensuring the best talent with the most relevant expertise is always calling the shots on how a building runs. Operate literally reduces a building’s carbon footprint by minimizing carbon-intensive long-distance travel, wasting daily fleet fuel locally, and by facilitating optimal facilities management. Not only that, but Aetos Operate provides remote work opportunities that never existed before, a critical advantage in winning the war for talent in today’s marketplace. Now businesses can utilize 3D digital twins to train employees, as well as operate and manage all their assets at levels of sustainability and efficiency impossible to achieve in the past. 

Stay One Step Ahead

Commercial real estate firms know they must find advantages wherever they can to sustain a leading position in the marketplace; operations management, training, and organization offer many opportunities to seize the lead. Leading CRE firms manage their assets and get ahead of the competition with Aetos Operate. Book a demo today at and see how Aetos is making waves in the ocean of commercial real estate! 

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