Better Training with Aetos Operate

The True Struggles of Training

Engineers, owners and operators understand how difficult it can be to train employees about a building, current best practices and more. Buildings are bespoke, not mass-manufactured, so owners, operators, engineers, and everyone in between must be on the same page in order for these real-world assets to run efficiently. Remote collaboration and remote training offer solutions to some of the biggest problems in commercial buildings. Imagine a day when engineers can simply hop on a call with their building managers, who, in the past, might have had to take a flight or drive across the state in order to solve an issue or emergency. Time lost cannot be replaced, plane tickets and fuel costs keep rising, and hopping on a call would save both time and money. With Aetos Operate, that future is reality, with our in-scan virtual conferencing feature. Anyone can hop on a call and literally navigate through the 3D digital twin environment on any convenient device. 

Train from Anywhere

Aetos Operate revolutionizes the way that commercial operations, management and training succeed. Often, site-specific training must be done on-site, when many people’s road time could be used in a more productive way. Engineers can now receive site-specific training from wherever they are in the world, by the best trainers with the most curated and refined skills. Seasoned engineers can now work from where they are most productive, without having to worry about losing important information and knowledge while training new employees. With our in-depth 3D image capture of buildings using Matterport, Aetos Operate collects all of a building’s equipment information. This enables better training and better onboarding. In the same way remote collaboration in the 3D environment empowers building talent to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world. 

Fully Customize Training

Aetos Operate allows buildings to offer custom training simulations that are tailored to unique operations, not just an industry boilerplate. Building Operators  create a visual equipment database by tagging equipment, components and the systems to which they belong. This feature is completely customizable, so whatever information a building needs can be accessed with the click of a button. Staff can easily find and identify equipment, react to critical emergencies or even go through specific equipment maintenance procedures. Walkthroughs of the real-world asset are easier, less time consuming, and even help cut down travel costs. Operate makes it easier than ever to keep your entire facilities workforce up-to-date on the most critical training procedures. New hires can learn directly from the best trainers and most seasoned experts with minimal time lost. 

Utilize the Full Power of Operate

Aetos Operate enables better training. With our 3D scanning and implementation process, we capture and curate the tribal knowledge of your building and its operations. Every building is unique, and we understand that effective training also must be unique. Our training builder allows you to create training simulations in the virtual environment and train from anywhere in the world. The best training your building could ever need is just one demo away; schedule a demo today at!

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