USE CASE: Visual Asset Master Repository

Accessible and accurate asset information is critical for operations.

Aetos delivers a Visual Asset Master Repository, an innovative solution where all content and context about every key asset is brought to life in a comprehensive 3D scan of your specific facility.


"It Truly Has Been Mind-Blowing To See Where Aetos Has Gone."

Portman Holdings needed better visibility when managing their expansive portfolio.

In order to manage and maintain their assets - as well as their data - Portman partnered with Aetos to deliver an intuitive solution for operators. Having a visual asset master repository is allowing their team to close workforce gaps, visualize SOPs, collaborate in a 3D digital space, and much more.

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Your Single Source Of Truth On A Single Pane Of Glass

Confident and immediate clarity for every technician.

Aetos uses your visualized facility for creating your single source of truth - leveraging visual context to master all key information. Access the Aetos repository of critical data, training, and technical know-how for every asset from a single pane of glass.

With our cutting-edge 3D platform, every inch of your facility is visualized, providing unparalleled access to the height, depth, and breadth of all operational elements. This isn't just asset management - it's asset immersion.


One Platform. Infinite Possibilities

Comprehensive Asset Repository:
See every asset in its actual context. Understand relationships and proximities like never before.

Interactive Data Access:
Intuitively click through any part of your facility in 3D to access manuals, maintenance records, and operational data instantly.

Streamlined Operations:
Integrate all your operational processes in one place. Maintenance schedules, compliance documents, sustainability efforts - and more - at your fingertips.


Empower Your Team With Visual Context

Empower your technicians with the ability to not just see but truly understand the environment they're working in.

Instant Clarity:
Reduce time spent searching for the right information, allowing for faster decision-making and troubleshooting.

Enhanced Training:
Use the 3D environment for immersive training scenarios, improving comprehension and retention.

Remote Collaboration:
Create meetings inside the 3D model of your facility and collaborate as a team with all asset information, data, location, and processes.

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Leverage A Visual Asset Master Repository For All Your Operational Needs.

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