USE CASE: Energy Management & Cost Savings

We’ve entered a new era of energy efficiency.

Sustainability measures are more attainable as managing and monitoring energy output is now intuitive.

Our groundbreaking approach to energy savings is the most cost-efficient IoT deployment solution available to visually identify energy and sustainability opportunities.

Do more and save more by enhancing operational efficiency and significantly cut costs associated with energy waste.


“It's Going To Change Your Whole Perspective.”

Inefficient energy usage yields higher costs and lower margins.

A global manufacturer is leveraging Aetos for better, more efficient energy operations. By monitoring their energy at the asset level, this expansive company is rapidly realizing their sustainability goals.

Their team is using the platform to manage, maintain, and oversee their entire facility, as well as providing critical information regarding energy usage on legacy production assets. This initiative is driving operational improvements & efficiencies, as well as reducing costs associated with energy waste.

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Efficiency Is Power. Tap Into Its potential.

Manage and monitor your assets like never before.

Aetos is more than a tool that enables operational improvements. It’s a company-wide strategic initiative that transforms your facility into a one-stop model of efficiency and sustainability.

By integrating detailed 3D scans with real-time energy consumption data, Aetos provides a comprehensive view of your energy usage like never before.


Better Efficiency Gets Better Results. Period.

Aetos is delivering unparalleled energy savings and sustainability measures.

Real-Time Energy Monitoring:
Gain detailed insights into energy consumption across your facility. Identify areas of inefficiency at an asset level and take immediate action.

Predictive Analytics:
Utilize AI-driven analytics to forecast energy needs and optimize consumption - preventing waste before it happens.

Customizable Alerts:
Set thresholds for energy use and receive alerts when anomalies are detected, enabling swift resolution of issues.


Empower Your Sustainable Operations

With Aetos, your workforce is equipped with visualized data and technical know-how to make informed decisions, leading to significant energy and cost savings.

Sustainable Operations:
Asset-level insight unlocks Pandora’s box - in a good way. Achieve your sustainability goals while still delivering on production metrics.

Informed Decision-Making:
Access to comprehensive energy data allows your team to identify and implement efficiency measures effectively.

Proactive Maintenance:
Prevent downtime and reduce maintenance costs by monitoring asset health and addressing issues before they escalate.

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Ensure Every Kilowatt Is Optimally Utilized. Monitor Assets With Unparalleled Precision.

Leverage a management system designed to deliver tangible results, driving down costs while promoting environmental responsibility.